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We are a mother city based social car club for Opels and we have members with interests in a variety of motoring events. The club consists of 50+ members of which there is an executive committee of 5.

We boast an array of Opels which makes it an inspiring experience for an enthusiast to be a part of us. Any Opel owner is more than welcome to join, no matter what Opel you drive, just as long as you’re passionate about the brand and the club.

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The current joining fee is R320 for 12 months as from your joining date. The renewal fee is R160 for another 12 months. Included in your joining fee is a club golf shirt, 2 x decals, as well as a membership card. Peak caps, hoodies, beanies, scarves, ladies club sweaters, and extra decals may be purchased separately.

Joining the club can either be done via eft and email OR when you get in touch with an executive member from the club at any of our hookups/events/meetings. You may also check out our Facebook page where you will be able to access the joining forms via the “Sign Up” button.


WhaT's In it for me?

We’re glad you asked! We have a few discount partners just itching to offer their products/services at discounted rates to you, an Opel Club member. The discount is only offered upon presentation of your valid membership card. Also, loads of technical advice and assistance is available and fellow members are always willing to help out.

To top this off, we offer a safe haven for any enthusiast to show off your prized possession as well as to share and gain insight and knowledge – all of this while making new friends.

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